El Mundo Papel

The 2014 Collection

Back in 2014, the creator of the art shop El Mundo Papel and my best friend/boss/mentor Israelo and I were recreating the "El Mundo Papel" brand and that included the diverse goodies we sold. Mumford & Sons was all the rage and the #1 listened band in our store's playlist. Keeping in mind our alternative, hipster niche within the Lima art scene, I went and proposed illustrating our favorite songs all across t-shirts, totebags, notebooks, matchboxes, pins, prints, etc. After various days of brainstorming and staying up until four am dancing and drawing, we came out with the 2014 Collection. We selected our favorite designs, screen printed and launched them a month after in the store's re-aperture.

placeit (4).png
placeit (3).png