Kimmy Bartle                

Hi! 👋🏼 I’m a Los Angeles based

I spent my childhood fascinated by Pagemaker¹. I was in 3rd grade when I designed and wrote my first book² inspired by a 90's clipart of a travel bag and have been obsessed with Adobe since. Today I am interested in multidisciplinary design practices, and making the current websphere a more empathetic space. When not crying over fonts, you can find me cozying up with a book and tea.³

¹: Now InDesign.
²: Currently working on my first YA novel.
³: Or attempting to be a chef with my boyfriend.

Open for freelance work, shoot me a note at

Art Direction, Visual Identity, UX/UI, Copywriting, Naming, Motion Design, Packaging, Social Media, Email Marketing, Influencer Outreach

Adobe Suite, Figma, Spark AR, Shopify, Klaviyo

Tech, Beauty & Fashion, Consumer Packaged Goods, Pharma, Online Media, Cross-Cultural Communications 

📁 Work experience ︎︎︎
📄 Resume available upon request ︎︎︎
Samsung, Homedics, Microsoft, M&M, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Takis, P&G - OPTE, Accenture, VUSE, S&P

︎MFA Graphic Design
Otis College of Art & Design ︎︎︎ Los Angeles, CA

︎MFA Study Abroad
Sandberg Instituut ︎︎︎ Amsterdam, Netherlands
KABK Royal Academy of Art ︎︎︎ The Hague, Netherlands
LUCA School of the Arts︎︎︎ Ghent, Belgium

︎BFA Graphic Design
Toulouse Lautrec ︎︎︎ Lima, Peru

︎CE Creative Writing
University of British Columbia ︎︎︎ Vancouver, Canada