Kimmy Bartle                

La Chola


La Chola Cafe is a specialty coffee brand founded by two artists from Lima, Perú. La Chola was born out of a longtime dream from my friends Sebas, a writer and poet, and Fernando, a painter, and art teacher. They always loved the unique and comforting space they found through our friend group’s coffee talks until the wee hours of the night – as is the custom back home. There’s nothing quite like the deep connection our Peruvian culture has when it comes to lonchecito and cafecito time.

La Chola is about that harmony, that warmth, that distinct moment of sheer connection and bonding between kindred spirits. With COVID-19 hitting Perú the hardest, moments like this have become scarce and almost impossible. In good faith and with the coffee grains from Incahuasi, Cusco – we bring La Chola.

I had the pleasure of bringing this product to life from its conceptual inception, art directing the upcoming shoots, designing the packaging to highlight Sebas’ writing, Fernando’s drawings, and our Peruvian culture that we love so much.

Coming to Peruvian homes via (carefully masked and globed up) delivery this fall 2020.